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Candy Bars

We don’t have to tell you how much fun candy bars are (and they make a pretty awesome photo op, too!), but pulling off a beautiful display is not as easy as it looks. We wrote this blog with tips on how to create an amazing wedding or birthday candy bar. Here’s the scoop straight from the pros for making your own sweet display!

Candy Bar Buffett

Spring Candy Buffet


This trend is still going strong…in fact it has become a staple in most parties these days from small parties, baby showers, and birthday parties to large weddings!

Decide on a theme & colors

Candy buffets are all the rage in Baby Showers and Weddings!  They are taking the place of giving out traditional party favors.  They are interactive, fun, and a definite wow factor to the decor of any party. Decide early on the color scheme or theme you’d like to do with your Candy Bar.

Decide on Table size

Then set up your table to see how much space you have to work with.  This way you can figure out how many and the type of containers that can be displayed on a 6′ (for smaller events) or 8′ (for larger events) table.

Divide your table into 3 horizontal zones

Back Zone: Use taller containers, photo boxes or glass jars to elevate your containers in this zone. Make sure the containers are not too tall so your guests can reach the candy inside them and avoid tipping them over. Test this in advance to avoid this.

Candy Bar Buffett

Bright colors repeated throughout the table draw attention

Candy Bar Buffetts

Just a few of the tall glass containers Event Décor and More has to offer.



TIP: Don’t use bulk candy containers in this zone because it is difficult to reach and scoop out bulk candy in tall containers at the back of the table especially when the candy starts to get low.

Middle Zone:  The middle area of the table is where you display bulk candy in containers to balance the table design. Using these containers allows you to display a lot of candy here without taking up too much of the table space.

A full array of apothecary jars create a pleasing visual effect for the guests.

A full array of apothecary jars create a pleasing visual effect for the guests.

Front Zone:  The front of the table is where trays or shorter containers can display individually portioned items like cotton candy bags, ribbon candy, swirl lollipops and Hersey kisses!

Candy Bar Buffet

Beach Candy Bar

Purple Candy Bar

Purple Candy Bar



When doing a color coordinated candy table, you can use clear containers so the color of the candy shows through and decorate the containers with ribbons.  Remember to use containers that will properly display the types of candy you chose.  If you offer bulk loose candy, be sure that you use containers with a large enough opening for a scoop to fit in and short enough where guests can actually reach to the bottom.

Amount of Candy

Stock at least ¼ to ½ lbs of candy per guest. Some guests will take more and some will take less so it evens out. Even if you don’t think your friends and family are likely to go overboard on the candy, we recommend stocking the bar anyways.

Feeling confident enough to set up a Candy Bar for your next event?! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to find you the answers!

Candy Bar Buffet